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"You don't have your past.

You don't want your future"

These words, spoken in the first year after the Second Great Cataclysm, have reverberated throughout

the human remnant to this day.

With the revelations that followed, especially with the release of the Legacy Files and the data hidden within them, we who survived can no longer escape the conclusion that we don't know our own past. We never did.

Our best endeavours have shown that the event of 1969AD (103 years before the Age Of Cataclysms) was the pivotal moment, where humanity's journey into self-delusion became complete. In the century that followed, both the great advancements and the indescribable carnage can be traced to that one, now infamous event, that was kept so secret for so long.

I write this entry before the final jump. Our every other effort to escape our fate has failed, and it seems destiny stalks us like a swarm of bad outcomes. Now, after all we've done, we leap into the unknown. Freedom, or oblivion, we won't know which until we try.

I find myself wondering if they are the same thing.

As we approach what may be our final, finest hour, we are doing all we can to uncover our past, and to make it known, hopefully before it's too late. Each chapter of our history will be reported here, as it is compiled. It is hoped that someone, somewhere will learn the lessons we failed to.

To those we had to leave behind, we are so sorry. We had to be inhuman to save humanity, if indeed that is what we have achieved. 

As these might be the final words I speak, I echo the thoughts of Admiral Adamson, from his final log before the Phobos Incident;

"Greater than a man's life,

is his legacy.

Remember me."

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