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Presented as a short film (30 minutes long), The Legacy Files is available to the public on numerous streaming platforms.

These files were released  on the fleet's internal coms network after the escape from 2GC (Second Great Cataclysm, aka "Day Zero"), and became the catalyst for the purge, the subsequent civil war, and the Truth & Reconciliation Initiative.

Further information about The Legacy Files can be found here



A series of interviews by fleet stow-away Jay Woolbuoy,

The Human Remnant contains the first recorded thoughts of the survivors of 2GC.

Specifically targeting historians, this collection of interviews is regarded as a primary source of information regarding how humanity arrived at such tragedy.

Human (In Context)

Presented as a feature film (90 mins), Human (In Context) is the result of painstaking analysis by several historians.

Still a work in progress, Human (In Context) seeks to uncover and make sense of the events that most commentators agree was the final moment of our innocence, and the first moment of our demise; that of the landing of the first colonisation of Mars.

As the consensus among historians is that the political, scientific and technological events surrounding this moment were what finally committed humanity to the course that led us here, it was decided to make this the first in-depth re-examination of all data, in order to be made public


Information regarding the making of Human (In Context) can be found here


The Last Exodus

As human civilisation came to an end, one of the very few stow-aways to successfully avoid detection went on to create the highly respected documentary "The Human Remnant".

In a follow-up to this widely-distributed film, he went on to create a dramatisation of his escape from a dying world, naming it "The Last Exodus".


Damned Humans

As an addendum to the first batch of Legacy Files, a group of researchers have taken it upon themselves to find archive information regarding the people who recorded the videos that were broadcast, and make them available. As these people were in the last days of their lives, we feel it important to create a wider understanding of who were these people, who's revelations rocked our civilisation so perfectly.

As such, we hope to be able to present further information, to provide further context to The Legacy Files. We very much hope to be able to present this information as a series of documentaries  (or possibly docu-dramas) in the near future.


The Legacy Project

We hope to complete this series before it's too late, but we recognise that it is a large undertaking.

The Legacy Project seeks to detail the entire journey of humanity from the events leading up to the Phobos incident, up until today. We aim to cover, and provide all footage and information regarding (among other things), the blast wave, Interloper, the journey, the war, the Cataclysms, and the escape.

Given the volume of events to be covered, we anticipate that the footage and information provided would take the viewer several years to go through in sufficient detail. This is a large project, that will be difficult to bring to fruition. As such, we are currently seeking resources and assistance to make the successful completion of this project possible.

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